A virtual server environment can improve the computing environment of your organization, almost regardless of size. It is very inefficient to be deploying or maintaining multiple physical servers, each with a specific service or application. With server utilization rates only typically being between 10-20%, it is far less than "efficient". This is a relativity common occurrence of grossly underutilized and over provisioned servers is called server sprawl.

Virtualization allows a business to get more out of its hardware infrastructure. Ideally, no matter how
large the computing environment, virtualization should allow the business to better maximize servers and
customize the data center to meet needs more dynamically.

For large enterprises, this can mean millions of dollars in energy savings each year. For a small business, virtualization of servers means that it can invest in fewer machines and then set a plan to scale IT operations as aggressively as needed to meet growth.

Virtualization Benefits Include:

  • Saving Money:
    Less hardware equals less money
  • Saving Energy and the Environment:
    Less physical servers means huge saving on electricity needed to run and cool
  • Faster Resource Allocation:
    Add processing, RAM, drive space from your free resources in dramatically reduced time
  • Increased Flexibility:
    Online or Offline virtual servers in very little time with dramatically reduced costs
  • Increased Resource Utilization:
    Instead of 10-15% utilization of your hardware, you can gain much more ROI
  • Simplified Migration:
    Need to replace hardware? No problem, just move it over and save big on labour and downtime
  • Disaster Recovery:
    Dramatically enhance recovery time and options by dis-joining software from hardware

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